NEC - Call Transfer Feature

Learn how to use the call transfer feature on an NEC SV9100 phone system, including step-by-step instructions and tips for a successful transfer.

A guide on how to transfer a call on an NEC phone system.

With a call in progress:

  • Press Transfer
  • Dial an extension, external number or programmed one-touch key and announce the call when they answer (optional)
  • Place the handset back down.

Note: If the called extension is busy or does not answer, press the Green Flashing Key to return to your caller. If the extension answers and indicates that they do not wish to take the call, ask them to hang up and you will be put directly back to the original caller.


With a call in progress (internal or external)

  • Press the Conf soft key
  • Dial an internal or external number
  • When the third party answers, press the Add soft key Repeat the above 2 steps until all parties are in the conference.
  • Press the Begin soft key to begin the conference


To change the time displayed on all handsets

  • Lift the handset and dial 728
  • Enter the time in 24hr format (e.g. 9:30am – 0930)
  • Confirmation tone will be heard after entering the digits, then replace the handset

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