5 things To Consider When Choosing A Business Phone System

Discover the top 5 factors to consider when choosing a business phone system. Business phones should be so much more than simply making and receiving phone calls.

Any business phone should be scalable to your business and be the right technology solution enabling your team to collaborate effectively whether they are in the office, on the road or working from home. If you are a small or medium business owner looking for a smart business communication system, we’ve put together a list of five key considerations when choosing a business phone that is right for you.

5 things to consider when choosing a business phone system:

Security and reliability

A complete understanding of what is offered in terms of securing your files on the network and confidence that they are kept up to date with syncing, sharing and real time backup capability across desktops, mobile devices and file servers.

  • Regulatory Compliance:
    Ensure that your industry standards for data storage are met, and if applicable, all customer credit card information is protected. When enhanced file-sharing is required advanced anti-malware/antivirus and restore capabilities should be a part of the business phones you choose.
  • Physical Security – Data Centre:
    It is important that all your data is kept and monitored in a highly secure, physical location and compliant with verified levels of physical security. Security at the data centre should be closely monitored and guarded with strict access enforced with the latest technology.
  • Encryption:
    Confidential conversations and data should be secured within cloud platforms with industry standard encryption.
  • Two-Factor Authentication:
    If a user is moving from the desktop to mobile apps, using the business phone to work remotely or while on the go, they should require a login, password and a 2-factor authentication for access.

Seamless setup and connection

Your business needs the right cloud-based business communication platform that combines all your platforms and devices. The business phone installation should be simple, scalable and a seamless experience that fits with your business size, needs and your teams’ work requirements.

With tools that facilitate communications that are easy-to-use, high-performing, dependable and stress-free. Moving from the office to the car or home easily, so that you can place and receive calls on the go or even transfer calls from your desktop phone to your mobile device-seamlessly, without interruption.

  • Connection:
    A cloud-based communication platform with connection across desktop and mobile applications is the solution for your team to stay connected and allowing conversations to continue between locations, switching from the business phone to a mobile device.
  • Productivity:
    By choosing a business phone system that allows for easy collaboration and has the capability of using one application across all devices from any location makes for efficient teamwork and an increase in productivity.

User friendly

The business phone system you chose for your business and users, must encompass all the features you need and be easy to use!

  • One application:
    It is important to have a user-friendly application that is easy for anyone to install and use. The big advantage of using one application across all devices is that it becomes familiar and is quick to learn.  

Customised and flexible

Your business will have different needs and particular applications currently in use. An integration platform for example that connects with Google, Microsoft, Salesforce and integrates with Exchange®, Office 365®, Outlook®, Office® and existing file servers will benefit your team. Driving higher productivity and increasing customer retention.

  • Right for your business:
    If you are looking at new business phone or extending the capabilities of an existing system, it is important to have a clear picture of your requirements. Changes should not be disruptive, for example being able to keep your existing phone number is a priority.

Competitive pricing

Ensure the business phone you are considering offers competitive clear pricing. Finding the right business phone plan should be straight forward.  It should be a system that is customised to your business requirements allowing you to have a clear picture that you are only paying for what you need.  

  • Line audit and bill comparison:
    A good place to start if you are upgrading or changing your current system, is to undergo a line audit and a bill comparison.  The line audit and a bill comparison process will allow you to see what devices you are using and paying for. Resulting in significant savings by changing plans or getting rid of services no longer required.  Ending up with the right business phone plan for you and your team.

Keep these 5 considerations top of mind when choosing your business phone. The main message is that the communication system needs to be flexible within your current structure, team, and business needs. Look for a cloud-based communication platform that brings your phone system, video conferencing, messaging, and call centre all together. Give your team the tools to do their job efficiently with the ability to use any device, anywhere.

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