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“Lloyd Street Primary School, were fortunate enough to find Zero 3 during our phone upgrade process. Zero 3 have installed a new system that is so user friendly and management efficient. The backup and after sales service is genuine and reliable. Thanks to James & Francis for your personal touch and caring nature.”

Colin Suckling

Lloyd Street Primary School • www.lloydstps.vic.edu.au

“From the outset, your team’s efficiency and professionalism made for minimal disruption to the running of the school as much of the process was carried out during the holiday period. Thank you for arranging your schedule to accommodate us during this time. It made the transition between systems almost seamless and very unobtrusive!”

Kathy Parry

Amsleigh Park Primary School • www.amsleighpark.com

“Business Conversation with James have been a pleasure because he is switched on to the subject and he is willing to expand new and interesting ideas. All my dealings with him have been professional and hones. Any agreed actions have happened in a timely manner.”

Chris McCall

Alliance Equipment Finance Pty Limited • www.e-finance.com.au

“At Ferntree Gully North Primary School, we have found Zero 3 Communications to be a fantastic organisation to deal with. Not only was the price competitive but the personal service and follow up was outstanding. I would definitely recommend James, Francis and the team at Zero 3 Communication.”

Evelyn Dodgson

Ferntree Gully North Primary School • www.ferntree.vic.edu.au